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Attending the FBINAA European Chapter in September 2011 in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, are Ilkka Koskimaki, Finland (left), Georgi Ovcharov, Bulgaria (center), and Oliver Hahn, Germany (right).

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During the week of November 16 Major Doug Verzi (Harford Co.  (MD)  
Sheriff's Office)
 was in Melbourne Florida for his daughter's college National Championship soccer  tournament. While there he made contact with fellow 225th  member Chief Steve Mimbs of the Melbourne Police Dept.

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August 2011
After 36 years in law enforcement, with the Iowa DCI and Des Moines PD, Steve Bogle retired on August 18th. He was appointed Vice President of Security for the Iowa Lottery Authority.

July 2011 - FBINAA Conference Long Beach.

July 2009 - Sheriff Bill Cameron, Charlotte County Florida rescued a fisherman in a capsized boat off the west coast of Florida. Click for the story.

July 2009 - FBINAA Annual Conference, Louisville. Here's a few photos sent in by John Hall (Lee County, MS).
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June 2009 - Chief Brian Curran (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)  and Deputy Chief Richard Morman (Ohio State Univ) ran into each other at the 2009 CAOS (Collegiate Athletic Operations Services) conference in Mauston, Wisconsin. Richard was there to do a presentation and Chief Curran was participating in the conference. Small World sometimes!

March 2009 - Chief Dan Hoffman - Fairbanks Alaska PD is announcing his retirement this month. Congratulations Dan.

September 13, 2008 - Richard Morman, Ohio State University Police was in Los Angeles for the football game against USC. He met up with Bob Arcos, LAPD in the press box. Bob was in charge of LAPD operations at the game.

July 08 - Photos of the 225th at the FBINAA Conference in Milwaukee.
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July 08 - Dan Weisberg and Bill Cameron met up recently in Captiva Island, Florida.

February 08 - Jeff McGuire (Toronto), Ray Cota (Corona, CA),
Bob Turnbull
(El Segundo, CA) and Ed Burnett (Gardena, CA) attended an IACP symposium on CCTV surveillance in San Diego, CA.

January 08 - Richard Morman (Ohio State Univ PD) was in New Orleans on official business and met up with Gil Adams (Jefferson Paish S.O.)

In October '07, John Hall met up with Richard Morman while John was visiting Columbus, Ohio for an air show. Here's a photo of the two of them.

Steve Head, City of London Police received his diploma (finally) from Director Mueller while attending the FBINAA European Conference in Tallinn, Estonia in September 07. Also on hand are Alfonso (Spain), Giorgi (Bulgaria) and Ilkaa (Finland). Photo1 .... Photo2 .... Photo3

John Coates, Kurt Rabijns, and Oliver Hahn met up in Brussels in Sept 07. Here's some photos... Photo1 ...... Photo2

August 2007. Captain Johnny Gutierrez, USMC received the Bronze Star.Photo

Recently Roger White and Clark Whetstone met in Houston TX. for some training at the TTPOA conference. They spent three days on the range "running and gunning". Members of the 225th are staying touch and training, showing the true spirit of the National Academy. 

Ron Tyler, Florence AL announces the birth of his son Grant nine months after the NA. Congratulations Ron!

Jeff McGuire's eldest daughter Amy completed her six months of Police College training and was sworn in as a Police Constable on January 11th, 2007.  Amy is now patrolling the streets in 14 Division in the downtown core of Toronto.  The attached photo is from the graduation ceremony where Jeff assisted Chief Bill Blair in presenting Amy's badge to her in front of their colleagues and family.

Captain Johnny Gutierrez, USMC - Message and Photos from Iraq -

In a couple of days I will hit my one month mark in Iraq.  I can't believe that 30 days have already passed.  My Company and I are getting settled into our "new homes".  Of course that depends on your definition of home.  My Marines are doing an outstatdning job despite the long hours and living conditions out here.  News from our loved ones and friends is what keeps our morale high.  Several of my Marines and I had the chance to eat a traditional Iraqi meal a few days ago and were treated as special guests by the Iraqi army.  Included are some pictures from that event.  Another picture included is a picture of my first standstorm.  Pretty impressive to see the sun dissappear behind a wall of sand.  I want to thank everyone for their kind words, prayers and support.  Until the next update. 

Semper Fidelis,


Bill Tyler, Beloit, Wisconsin PD reports:
I was invited to and addressed the members of the FBINA 227 th session in Milwaukee , WI on September 7 th , 2006 at the Milwaukee Field Office

While conducting some training in Vermont in early October 2006 for Homeland Security got a chance to get with Bart Chamberlain and his family for dinner while in Burlington , Vermont .  Vermont is a beautiful place to visit at that time of year.

Tim Balyeat, Elkhart, indiana PD reports:
I am heading back to Quantico in 2007 for two weeks. It wont be the same without everybody from the 225 being there. I will be attending LEEDS / Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar.

Lt. Tom Burke, NYPD reports that he just missed out on the captain's promotional which is given every three years. He recently accepted a partol assignment in Brooklyn.

Mike Tietz (New York) and Roger White (Texas) of section 2 recently ran into each other during a week of training at the center for Domestic Preparedness at Fort McClellan in Anniston, AL. Despite the grueling training schedule Mike and Roger managed to get in a round of golf and reminisce about the 225th over a cold beer.
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Captain Tim Balyeat, Elkhart PD Indiana was chosen to speak to members of the 228th session in December in Indianapolis.

Alfonso Fraile, Spanish National Police will receive an award of merit on October 2, 2006 entitled "Medalla al Mérito Policial". This is a very high honor presented by the Minister of the Interior and exemplifies excellence in a police career.

Lt. Sherri Horn, Indianapolis PD, was selected to be the guest speaker for FBINA 227 attendees.

Captain Kevin Wiles Receives Bowling Green PD Award of Merit
Kevin received his agency's Award of Merit for his heroic roll in a hostage standoff on August 3rd, 2006. Click here for the news story.

Small World Stories
Gina Haynes(Sacramento PD) received an email from Damien Sandoval (Walnut Creek) and this is what he said...
"On July 21st I was in Seattle attending a Mariners baseball game. I ran into Bobby from Rhode Island!!!  He was on a short vacation and went to the game on the spur of the moment. 
On August 3rd, I boarded a plane at the Oakland Airport.  Sitting in the plane was Turnbull from El Segundo!!! He and his wife were heading back south from a weekend in the Wine Country!!!!
      Keep your eyes open. You never know who you'll run into!" --Damien

News from Lebanon
8 August 2006

Jihad and his family are OK and have not been affected by the airstrikes as they are in the northern part of the country. Hopefully we can get more information. Thanks to Alfonso from Spain for the information.

Bill Tyler also reports that he received an emai from Jihad, and he is doing well.


FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin article by
Commander Steve Wright - Vail, Colorado PD.
Check the August 2006 issue of the FBI LIB (which you should all be receiving in the mail) Page 11. Steve wrote a paper in Dr. Jeff Green's Enlightened Leadership Class (I happened to be in that class with him- webmaster) entitled Power or Empowerment. Jeff was so impressed with this paper that he had it published. Congrats to Steve!


Law Enforcement Weed and Seed Conference

Is anyone else going to Law Enforcement Conference for the Weed and Seed program from August 14 to August 17, 2006 in Phoenix? If so, please e- mail me back with information on where you're staying and how much money you're bringing! P.S. Chief Alabama Ray! Whoo rah

Kevin McKeon Norristown

Gina Haynes - Sacramento PD was selected by the Sacramento FBI office as guest speaker for the NA 227th local orientation.

Carl Dondorfer -Lake County Sheriff's Office Ohio was selected by the Cleveland FBI Field Office to be a guest speaker for the 227th NA Session.

Clark Whetstone was chosen to be the guest speaker at the Columbia, SC FBI office for Sessions 226 and 227.

Newspaper Article from Minneapolis, Rondo Saves the Day with heroic action!

Tom Burke is still waiting for the NYPD Captain's results.
We will know something soon. Good luck Tom!

Injury Update from Kevin Wiles
The ankle that I thought I had sprained is actually broken.  I was still having some trouble with it six weeks after I rolled it during the 4.2 mile challenge run so I finally got it x-rayed.  There is a small bone that apparently cracked during that run.  Ouch!  I'll be out of action for a few weeks while it heals.  The funny thing is that I actually completed the Yellow Brick Road with a broken ankle.

Congratulations to NA 225 class members who have been promoted since the completion of the session.

September 2011
Captain Robert Arcos

May 2011
Kevin McKeon, Chief of Police
New Hanover Township PD, Pennsylvania

February 2011
Major Doug Verzi
Harford County Sheriff's Department, Maryland

September 2010
Nelson Beazley, Chief of Police
Arlington PD, Washington

June 2010
Ray Cota, Chief of Police
Sedona PD, Arizona

Peter Wack, Chief of Police
Sanwich PD, Massachusetts

May 2010
Major Kimberly Leemhuis
Pennsylvania State Police

April 2010
Raymond Cota, Chief of Police
Sedona PD, Arizona

Mike Laws, Chief of Police
Overland PD, Missouri

March 2010
Captain Roger White
Denton PD, Texas

January 2010
Ken Truver, Chief of Police
Castle Shannon PD, Pennsylvania

September 2009
Captain Fred Thompson
Henderson PD, Nevada

July 2009
Commander Pat McCain
Tinley Park PD, Illinois

Commander Brendan Heffner
Illinois State Police

May 2009
Deputy Chief Tim Tyler
Katy PD, Texas

February 2009
Colonel James Wolfinbarger
Colorado State Patrol

January 2009
Chief Kevin Butler
Broward County Florida Sheriff's Office

November 2008
Sheriff Bill Cameron
Charlotte County Florida

October 2008
Captain Bob Turnbull
El Segundo, California PD

May 2008
Lili Hadsell, Chief of Police
Baldwin Park California PD

April 2008
Chad Callahan, Chief of Police
Ocean City New Jersey PD

Deputy Chief Tammy Murrell
Stockton, California PD

Deputy Chief Ken Truver
Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania PD

March 2008
Inspector Sandra Coffman
United States Capitol Police

Commander Mike Mealer
Chicago PD

Captain Dan De Smidt
Belmont California PD

Captain Ed Burnett
Gardena California PD

February 2008

Captain Ron Tyler
Florence, Alabama PD

January 2008
Lieutenant Danna Vaughn
Chattanooga PD

Captain Todd Thomas
Green Bay PD

Assistant Chief Tim Balyeat
Elkhart, Indiana PD

Deputy Chief Lisa Shahade
Amtrak Police Department

December 2007
Superintendent Jim Douglas
Durham Regional Police Service, Canada

September 2007
Chief Brian Curran
Chapel Hill, NC PD

Deputy Chief John Horvath
Hartford Connecticut PD

Deputy Chief Mike Callagy
San Mateo California PD

August 2007
Tim Tyler, Captain
Katy Texas Police Department

Chief Bill Partridge
Oxford Alabama PD

July 2007
Lt. Commander Mike Dorsey

June 12, 2007
Jeff McGuire, Staff Superintendent
Toronto Police Service

May 2007
Detective Captain Rich Wall
Morristown S.O. New Jersey

April 9, 2007
Landy Black, Chief of Police
Davis California PD

April 2007
Commander Jody Fanning
Cottonwood Arizona PD

Major Brian Sliman
Miami Beach PD

March 2007
Mark Stigler, Captain
Waukesha Wisconsin PD

January 2007
Kim Leemhuis, Captain
Pennsylvania State Police

Jonathan Mills, - Chief of Police
Calistoga California PD

October 2006
Jamey Moore, Major
Sandy Springs Georgia PD

Steve Head, Detective Chief Superintendent
City of London Police

Marc Lussier, Deputy Chief of Patrol
Manchester, NH Police

Brian McPherson, Lieutenant
New Jersey State Police

Matthew Boyd, Chief of Police
Miami Gardens PD, Florida

Ken Sullivan, Major
Massachusetts State Police

September 20, 2006
Ed Bergin , Captain
Anne Arundel County PD, Maryland

September 8, 2006
Steve Bogle, Director
Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
Press Release

Clark Whetstone, Major
Orangeburg Sheriff's Office, South Carolina

John Coates, Lieutenant Commander
United States Navy

P. Todd Hutchins, Captain
Bulloch County Sheriff's Office, Georgia

Rob MacLean, Captain
United States Park Police, Washington DC

July 2006

John Lutz , Major
Pennsylvania State Police

Oliver Hahn, Captain
Hessisches Landeskriminalamt, Wiesbaden Germany

Ray Smith - Assistant Chief of Police
Phenix City, Alabama

June 16, 2006
Michael Mealer, Captain
Chicago PD

June 8, 2006
Tim Balyeat, Captain
Elkhart PD, Indiana

May/June 2006
Chan Kim, Chief of Police
Lovington PD, New Mexico

Louis Crawford, Senior Superintendent
Guyana Police