28 TUESDAY 15 stage
Km 156

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Stage Timings

Race Brief

Today was our first day watching the race.   We had spent the previous night in Treviso and stopped this morning for a tour of the Pinerello factory.   A short bus ride of about thirty minutes brought us to the center of Conegliano.  The town sits at the base of the Dolomite foothills.

We set out on our bikes in the rain, first doing a few laps on the finishing circuit then a ride out into the hills and back. 

The rain continued as the  peloton arrived in Conegliano.  The finishing circuits were declared neutral time due to the dangerous conditions and Mario Cipollini won the stage.

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1k to go in the rain Finish in Conegliano.  The clock shows the Peloton was only 13 minutes into the race. Milano on the podium. Cippolini would stand there in a few hours.
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Ed on the podium Entering the town after our ride. Steve at the top of the climb
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