31 FRIDAY 18 stage


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Today's plan was to ride the entire stage 18 from Rovereto to Brescia. 143km.   The stage included a category-3 climb, the Molina de Ledro.   It also included a 5km long uphill tunnel. The stage was quite undulating with some long downhills.   I lost my front wheel on a hairpin curve and luckily only sustained some road rash.  My bike was OK too.  We stopped for lunch on the shores of Lago d'idro then continued through the Intergiro in Vestone.  At Km 92.5 we began a 13Km climb which did not look very difficult on the profile, however it was somewhat difficult.  We decided to watch the race at the top of this unnamed climb.  Afterwards we descended into Brescia and watched two circuits. 


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A stopover at Francesco Moser and Gilberto Simoni's  bike shop in Trento.  
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Stage start in Roveto km 0

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North shore of Lake Garda Riva de Garda
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Start of climb to Molina de Ledro

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