1 SATURDAY 19 stage
CAMBIAGO - MONTICELLO BRIANZA (Individual time trial) Km 42,9


Stage Timings
Race Brief Climb Profile - Ghisallo
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We boarded the bus in Bergamo for the short drive to Lake Garda which would be the site of our next hotel.  Lake Garda is one of the many lakes in the Italian Lake region about one hour north of Milano.  The most famous of the lakes are Como and Lecco.   We chose to ride from the hotel in Garda to the Madonna del Ghisallo chapel in the village of Magreglio on a hill high above Lake Lecco.  It started out as a very scenic ride along the west shore of Lake Lecco, but the road turned upwards and very steep for the last 8 miles.  This route is used during the Tour of Lombardy in October. We stayed at the chapel for about an hour, had lunch then road approximately 35 miles to the finish of the Stage 19 time trial in Monticello Brianza.  For some reason there are many towns with the name "Brianza" in it in this part of Italy.   It was very difficult to find the TT course as it was not near any large towns and we had to follow small backroads through many small towns.   Once arriving, we watched the last 25 or so riders from the 800 meter sign in the village of Castenovo. Paolo Savoldelli was able to secure the Maglia Rosa by not conceding any time to Tyler Hamilton. 
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Along the west shore of Lake Lecco

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Lake Lecco Bellagio Road to Ghisallo
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The Road up to the chapel, a very steep climb

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Above Lake Lecco

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