L' Alpe d'Huez - 1838m

Probably the most famous climb in cycling.  21 hairpin switchbacks over 13km.   There are some 12% sections on the first two switchbacks, but it levels out somewhat as you ride up. 

The photos below were taken during the '99 Tour de France. 


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 Profile 2

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Looking at top from the Casino Supermarket in town of le Bourg d'Oisans at the bottom of the climb. You can make out the road winding its way up the mountain.

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The beginning of D211 where it intersects with route N91 in le Bourg d'Oisans.  The climbing starts about 300 meters from here.
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About halfway up the mountain.

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Lance Armstrong's group.  This is the 7th switchback.
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Almost to the top.

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View of the last few switchbacks.