2005 New Years Day Ride  


photos by Tracy Sharp and Riley

The 2005 Ride started at the usual 8:00 AM in Long Beach. A group of Paramount riders left Einsteins (Main/Harvard - Irvine) at 0745. We met them about 10 miles in, on PCH in Huntington Beach.

The temperature was 44º F at the start with blue skies. It warmed up to about 58º during the ride. There was a slight wind blowing most of the day. We were between storms after about a week of rain in Socal.

The estimated number of riders was 400 and there appeared to be no major incidents. As usual, the compressions started on the rolling portion of PCH through the Laguna Beach area. Best advise is to stay in the front. The back of 400 riders is like a Slinky. This year also returned to the traditional route, as last year some unknowns in front decided to add about eight miles through Rancho Santa Margarita.

The pace was moderate on PCH with about half of the original dropping off. The pace really picked up on Irvine Center Drive after the second rest stop. We were doing about 32 MPH for several miles.

Our group skipped the San Diego Creek bike path through Irvine. I never can figure out why 100+ riders take a bike path unless they like watching people dive out of their way. We finished about 11:30 with 62 miles covered.

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