2003 Tour de France Trip

July 10th and July 11th   Travel Days
We left Los Angeles for a very long flight to Paris on Lufthansa via Frankfort.  Our bikes and luggage arrived on time with us.    We had reserved two vans for transport from Charles De Gaulle Airport to our hotel for $160.  One van showed up with a crazy driving university student.  Our four bikes (in travel cases),  and four pieces of luggage barely fit in the back.   We piled in and then our driver Allan picked up two more passengers that happened to be Catholic nuns.   It was now evening rush hour in Paris and we spent the next three hours working our way to the hotel.   Our driver seemed to enjoy splitting traffic lanes like a motorcycle and at one point splitting traffic behind an ambulance.  Once arriving at the hotel we had dinner at a typical Parisian café and called it a night.   Bon Nuit.

Here we are with Allan the crazy French shuttle driver.   What was funny was that we never got mad at this guy for almost killing us and taking three hours to drop two nuns off. 

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