2004 Road trip to Switzerland
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June 12th was our first day on the bikes. We left our hotel in Lenzburg at 0930 and rode about twenty-five flat miles to Beromünster which was the stage finish town. We continued on to Sursee - the start village which was about 5 additional miles. The route was very interesting as it made a figure eight around several large lakes in the Lucern area. We spent some time watching the team introductions then hit some of the riders up for autographs and pictures. The riders were very friendly and accomodating to the fans. After watching the start we rode the hilly 24 km finish circuit around Beromünster and watched the finish. Jan Ullrich won the stage and became the early race leader. Our ride today was about 75 miles (121 km) on mostly flat ground with some rain. There was one catigory 4 climb on the finishing circuit.



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