2004 Road trip to Switzerland
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Main Stages
The start house for the time trial in Lugano.

Sunday June 20th - Lugano

After watching the end of Stage 8, we drove the short distance to Lugano. Our hotel was in the old center city and was difficult to find. The old section of Lugano is built on the side of a hill below the train station. There is a funicular that takes people to and from the train station. It literally goes through the Hotel Acquarillo where we were staying. Team Rabobank was also staying in the same hotel.

On Sunday we headed out on the bikes and of course it was raining. We rode the time trial course the climbed part of Mt. Bre which is on the eastern edge of Lugano. The rain cleared once the time trial started about 2PM.

Lugano is a scenic resort city just across the lake from Italy. It is part of the Italian lake region.

Photos of the time trial and Lugano


Map of Time Trial Course


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