2004 Road trip to Switzerland
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Main Stages
Monday July 14th - Neuchâtel

We packed up the car and drove from Lenzburg to Neuchâtel. It was only about 130 km. The nice thing about Switzerland is that it is small. We were now in the French speaking part of Switzerland. It was interesting to see all the road signs change from German to French. After checking into the hotel, we headed out on the bikes to watch the race in the feed zone and try to collect some discarded feed bags. It was a short ride of about 15 km. It was the first day we didn't have rain but it was very windy. The peloton had a nice tailwind for most of the stage. There were only about fifteen people looking for musette bags in the feed zone. We ended up with several bags and bottles as souvineers.


Stage 3 Timetable .pdf

  This Ford Montego wagon worked out well. We brought the Yakima roof rack with us which worked perfect. Here we are preparing to leave the hotel in Neuchatel for Batterkinden.












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