2004 Road trip to Switzerland
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Thursday June 17th - Gross Scheidegg Pass

According to my Polar 720 computer, the cimb averaged 12% over ten miles. There was flat section in the middle of about two or thee kilometers. It was a scenic ride and was cold at the pass (1962m, 6435 ft). We stopped at a deserted restaurant, had something to eat, then descended back to Interlaken. On the way down, I came around a corner and saw something stretched across the road. These are narrow winding roads for the local residents. I thought it was a chain. I tried to stop in time and locked up my rear brake. I blew my tire and sailed right through the object which was a stick like barrier intended to keep cows from going through. The barrier was designed to open when something pushes up against it like a car or bike. After booting a ruined tire, we headed down the mountain to Interlaken.

It's pretty steep here, and we had no idea how much steeper it would become.
Milano passes a waterfall on the lower section.

This was the relieving flat section about half way up.

Markus and Milano in the middle section.


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